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Automation of sales, management, accounting for manufacturing and B2B companies based on amoCRM

Organization of an efficient work place for the seller
  • Telephony, instant messengers, mail, website, social networks, all calls are automatically entered into the system and cannot be lost

  • Task scheduling, next action reminder by client

Control and auto-processing of the client base
  • Clients no longer leave with their managers

  • Autotasks on forgotten clients

  • Controlling the processing of new clients

  • Customer Base Processing Analytics

Automatic repeat sales control
  • Automatic tracking of repeat purchase cycle

  • Auto-warming customers before buying again

  • Reminders to managers about breaking the cycle

Automation of routine tasks and processes
  • Send messages, emails and notifications automatically

  • Automatic generation of documents, contracts

  • Automatic setting of tasks, changing client statuses, collecting analytics

Unified system of internal communications
  • A single corporate messenger for the entire company

  • Automation of micro-processes within the company

  • Chats and channels by department and project

Manage and control tasks and projects
  • System for setting and monitoring tasks

  • Project management system for waterfall and Agile methodology

  • History of all projects, tasks, results

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Business automation will decide 80% management and sales problems

  • If you respond faster to requests, call, write on time, do not miss calls and letters - there would be more sales
  • But managers have no time
  • If everything was done according to the regulations, there would be more sales and less chaos.
  • But this is difficult to track
  • If all tasks were done on time, not forgotten, not sabotaged, the company would grow faster
  • But I have to remind and check
  • If every manager knew that his work activity is visible at a glance - he would do more
  • If every manager knew that his work activity is visible at a glance - he would do more
  • If we could combine all of the above into a single automated ecosystem, the business would grow significantly
  • If we could combine all of the above into a single automated ecosystem, the business would grow significantly

After implementing our solutions, your business will sparkle with new colors


Any change occurs at the software level and cannot be violated


At any time you can see the performance of each manager, up to the recording of conversations


All tasks, projects and discussions about them are stored in the application. The system controls the timing.


All communication with clients by phone, mail, messengers is stored in the client card


The system itself controls repeat sales, reminding managers and warming up customers


Even the trainee will be able to act correctly, within the time limits, thanks to automation


Managers no longer waste time on routine, paperwork and work in different applications


The entire customer base can be quickly segmented by any criterion and quickly processed according to the desired scenario


The manager receives a full report once a day, week or month and will automatically know about problems

We have created a unified ecosystem for sales and task management based on the best solutions on the market

We know how to help you

The CRM system will provide full control over the business and open up huge prospects for growth and scaling

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