Creating Chat-bots

Creating Chat-bots

We create chat bots in Telegram of different levels of complexity and configuration. Starting from a simple, corporate, interactive bot, ending with a full-fledged telegram store of goods or services.

After implementing our solutions, your business will sparkle with new colors


Any change occurs at the software level and cannot be violated


At any time you can see the performance of each manager, up to the recording of conversations


All tasks, projects and discussions about them are stored in the application. The system controls the timing.


All communication with clients by phone, mail, messengers is stored in the client card


The system itself controls repeat sales, reminding managers and warming up customers


Even the trainee will be able to act correctly, within the time limits, thanks to automation

What our chatbots can do

Any functionality can be developed

Product/service Catalog

You can place a full catalog of products or services for your business. Create an individual structure for categories, product types, and attributes

Maintaining a telegram channel

a Chat bot can automatically administrate a telegram channel, which is irreplaceable for many spheres. One-time configuration occurs and the bot performs routine work with pleasure.


Creating discounts is a very important marketing tool. It is possible to create a discount for both the product/service and the entire category

Shopping Cart

Similar to the shopping cart module in the online store. Everyone is familiar with the functionality where it is possible to keep products for order. Always in the right place, the goods will never be lost.

Statistics and Analytics

Telegram features allow you to create quite detailed statistics in the chatbot, depending on what is required for the chatbot owner.

Mailing Lists

You can use several types of mailing lists, both group and personal. If the user left an e-mail address, it is also possible to send mail.

Import and export of goods

Import/Export of products is performed via a csv|xlsx file, which significantly saves time for adding / updating products/services via the admin panel.

Administration panel

One of the most important nodes in the entire chatbot operation. You can use the admin panel to make all edits, both for content and for the bot's settings.

API integration

Any online store can sync products/services between its website and the telegram store using the API.

Online payment

the Product or service can be paid directly in Your Telegram bot. To do this, you only need to add your online payment system to your chatbot.

Frequently Asked Questions

the chatbot can be configured with answers to frequently asked questions module. This would relieve your Manager of routine tasks as much as possible.

How is a Telegram bot being created?

Only 6 basic steps to create a bot that will bring not only convenience but also profit.

This is a ready-made platform for creating your personal Telegram store of goods or services. Suitable for those who have their own online store, as well as for those who do not have one.

It is possible to sync with Your online store via the API.

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